Three cheers for the tolypunnels

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Three cheers for the tolypunnels

There should be tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers aplenty at Delrow this summer – and fresh salad leaves, sorrel and radicchio come winter – thanks to three new polytunnels (aka tolypunnels).

Keith, Kestas, Raffaele, David, Robin and Michael braved wet and windy conditions back in January to sink pipes to bring water into the new growing area. ‘It was a team effort’, says Michael. ‘Robin dug the trenches by machine and then we did the rest. We managed it in three days.’

By February, huge 18 X 60 foot frames were going up. And in April the first cover went on. ‘Building them has been a huge project’, says Garden Workshop coordinator Keith. ‘But it will give us the environment to plant the vegetables we want, all year round.’

Coming soon

Peter, who works in the garden, is firmly in favour of the plan. ‘They’re good’, he says. ‘We’ll be able to grow our own vegetables for the Bakery’, adds Felix, ‘like tomatoes for the pizzas and quiches.’

As you read this, the first tomatoes to be grown in the warm, protected beds of the tolypunnels will be ripening – and coming to a Delrow pizza, quiche or maybe even your plate soon.