Together, we did it

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Together, we did it

Your generosity has helped us fulfil our promise to develop Berith House for the whole community. Thank you so much!

Welcoming more people

The renovated house is all set to provide modern accommodation for ten new people to be supported by our Berith and Camphill Partnership community in Stourbridge.

It will help us welcome and include more people who have physical disabilities. And here is another exciting thing: the old garage has been turned into a large social space. This is a first for the community.

'Now we have a place'

'That's right', says Christina. 'We have actually never had a place where the community could gather. And now we do.

'We will use it for activities such as eurythmy, theatre, dance, painting and craft.'

Christina (who designed the Christmas card we sent you) is very interested in painting and craft: 'I've always painted and drawn, ever since I was aged two. I also do pottery on Friday, and knit jumpers and shoulder bags and things like that.

'We'll also be able to invite other groups to visit and hold events, which we haven't been able to do before because we haven't had a big social space.'

Once again, a huge thank you to all our friends who donated so kindly and generously to this project.