Tourmaline Hall is open again!

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Tourmaline Hall
Tourmaline Hall is open again!

We want to say an enormous thank you to everyone who kindly supported the renovation of Tourmaline Hall at The Grange. For more than forty years, the Hall has provided social, creative and cultural opportunities for people at The Grange. Now, thanks to your generosity, it will continue doing so for many years to come.

 Problems with access, damp and the ageing electrics and heating have been dealt with. From the wheelchair-accessible entryway to the new lighting, the whole building is fit for the future. To celebrate, the community held a joyful re-opening ceremony, shared with family, friends and neighbours.

 There were speeches, blessings and delicious food. And then, to everyone’s delight, there was the play. ‘We said, let’s do a play where the audience can laugh’, says Angela ‘We decided The Importance of Being Earnest would be good.

 ‘The last time we did it was 2004. We had to practice a few times so we remembered when to come in and go off. But once you’re onstage and you have your costume on, you feel your part. I played Lady Bracknell and I had a very nice fancy hat.’

 Douglas, who played Lord Moncrieff, says acting is a challenge he enjoys: ‘if I feel nervous, I watch the film of the play. It helps me learn my lines and feel confident.’

 Tourmaline Hall has seen a constant flow of activities ever since - including plays that give people pleasure and confidence, sociable film nights, meetings and cultural events. We’d like to say a big thank you again to all who helped renovate the Hall. You’ve helped make these enriching opportunities possible.

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