A tribute to a warm heart

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A tribute to a warm heart
A tribute to a warm heart

Some of our readers may be familiar with the bright smile of our dear friend Betty McMurray, who has featured in quite a few newsletters over the years with her wonderful artwork and tapestries. Betty has passed away at the age of 89 after a full and happy life with Camphill.

‘We will all really miss her,’ says Howard Reeves, who lives at The Croft and has been friends with Betty for 26 years. ‘She had an amazing amount of energy and she loved to talk. I know she really enjoyed living in a community with lots of people around.’

‘We’ll all remember her fondly as a wonderful craftsperson – weaving, knitting, spinning, painting… she was very creative. She liked to dance and play the recorder too.’

Betty was the last surviving resident of the original Camphill Movement and had lived in Camphill since it started in 1948. ‘Camphill was very much her life,’ Howard explains. ‘She was completely immersed in it and enjoyed our way of living. She’d lived in lots of Camphill communities over the years and for the last few years she stayed in Gannicox (in Stroud) where she could be cared for very well and the weather was kinder.’

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