Urgent message (It'll only take a minute!)

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Urgent message (It'll only take a minute!)

Your friendship means the world to us

And we love keeping in touch with you. But the time may soon come when we are unable to contact you about projects we are trying to raise money for without your explicit permission.

So if you'd like to keep receiving news from The Camphill Family, please would you confirm that with us today?

Please email us at family@camphill.org.uk

You may be aware of the recent negative publicity charities have been receiving over ‘bombarding' people with communications. As a result, regulations may soon be brought in that will require charities to have your explicit consent to contact you about fundraising. 

That's why, with this issue of Camphill Family Life, we're giving you a very easy way to let us know you are happy for us to keep in touch.

Simply email us at family@camphill.org.uk and tell us we have your permission to contact you in the future.

Why we need your permission now

We value your friendship enormously. And we know that many of our friends greatly look forward to their latest issue of Camphill Family Life popping through the letterbox.

So we want to be prepared for any possible change in charity regulations.

And above all, we would like to know we have your permission because we have always believed in voluntarily maintaining the very highest standards in the way we communicate with you. We would never wish to send you information that you don't want.

Thank you so much for your help

When friendship is freely given and mutually enjoyed, it is a beautiful thing. This is what we always aspire to in our friendship with you.

By getting back to us today, you'll ensure you keep receiving the news that you want from Camphill Family Life – and reassure us you're still happy to be our friend.

Thank you so much for your help. We hope to hear from you soon.

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