'A very good thing for everybody'

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'A very good thing for everybody'

Last spring, thanks to friends like you, funds were raised to help complete the refurbishment of Dolphin House in Newton Dee into a modern home. 
By late autumn, New Dolphin House was almost ready for a Camphill household of nine happy and grateful people, who needed this accommodation in order to stay together. Here’s what three of them, Carla, David and Jake, said then...

Nearly there

'It's got walls, a roof, brickwork and grey stuff on the outside', said Carla. 'But they've still got to do the floors. My room has big windows. I have seen it from outside. I want it to be bright pink.' Jake thought the nearly-completed dwelling looked 'traditionally Scottish', and David, who needs a walker to get around, was delighted that New Dolphin House is near the centre of Newton Dee village: 'I'll be close enough to go my Activity Group by myself.' The whole house is wheelchair-friendly too.
'We also will have a new sitting room so that everyone can relax in their own room and then come and do whatever they want to do in the sitting room', David adds. 'I think it will be a very good thing for everybody.'
And from these pictures, taken after the big move, we hope you can see that indeed, it is. Thank you so much, generous friends.