Waste not!

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Waste not!

Because it's so good for the environment, recycling has always mattered at Taurus Crafts, our arts and crafts centre in Gloucestershire. Taurus gets thousands of visitors a year, but produces hardly any rubbish due to all the recycling bins. Vegetable peelings from the kitchen and café, and paper towels from the bathrooms are collected and composted. Cardboard, plastic bottles, glass, metal and many other waste products are sentfor recycling too.

Chris and John also help collect, sort and bale up aluminium foil, not only from Taurus but from recycling banks throughout the Forest of Dean. The value of the reclaimed aluminium even raises a bit of money for their community.

'It's good for the environment'

'Basically, we sort out the paper from the aluminium', says Chris. 'And then we put the aluminium into a machine to crush it. Then it goes to the recycling centre.'

The machine, which squashes the material into tidy circular bales, is provided by Alupro, an organisation working to increase aluminium recycling in the UK. They also supply Taurus with bags for picking up the aluminium from recycling points in the area.

'We go to Cinderford where there's a site there where we collect it, and Coleford as well', explains John. 'It's a good thing to do because it saves the materials.You do get stuff that’s not much good though. People put the wrong things in. Things like plastic and cat food pouches.’

Between John, Chris and Ingo, who looks after all the recycling at Taurus, the whole operation ticks over very smoothly. It just takes a little time each week, so it fits in with people's other work responsibilities. 'It's a good activity, especially on a cold wet day, as you can do it indoors', says Ingo. 'And of course it helps the whole recycling effort.'