We are here for you

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Camphill fundraising team
We are here for you

Days are full at our fundraising office in Botton Village – but we’re never too busy to speak to you!

‘If there’s anything at all we can help you with, we really want you to feel free  to pick up the phone and call us’, says Fran, on behalf of the whole team. ‘We
are available daily between 9am and 4pm and if you’ve got a question we’ll do our best to answer and resolve it.

‘The last thing we want is for you to wonder about something and not let us know.’

A dedicated team

Together, the team process every donation to The Camphill Family. ‘We’re only a small team, so at the busiest times, such as Christmas it takes us a while to process everything.’

And located on the North York Moors means sometimes the weather can delay things further – as happened this past winter, when snow shut the fundraising office ‘We had calls from people who were anxious that their gift hadn’t been received’, says Fran. ‘But because they phoned up we were able to explain the reason why.’