We breathe in and out with the earth

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We breathe in and out with the earth
We breathe in and out with the earth

In the hillside community of Grange Village, co-worker Dafna has been learning all about bio-dynamic gardening. Now she’s ready to share it with the whole community.

‘It’s about working with the rhythms of the moon and the sun,’ she says. ‘In the morning, the earth breathes out, so we harvest. In the evening it breathes in, so we plant.’

Dafna helps residents to get involved with working in the gardens. ‘I try to make sure everyone gets to do something they enjoy. Weeding needs a tender touch because we do it all by hand. Digging and raking is good for those of us who find it easy to get around. There’s gentler work too – shelling seeds and working in the greenhouse. We’re lucky to have so much variety.’

‘It’s not just the plants that grow. The people grow too.’

‘I believe the soil, the plants, the environment and our community are all one,’ Dafna says. ‘Ian, one of our residents, was so proud to take one of the lettuces he’d grown to share with everyone at lunch.’