Weavery warmth

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Weavery warmth

It's day three in the new Weavery Workshop at Grange community - the team has just moved from The George Café in nearby Newnham.

Everyone is marvelling at the tranquillity. It seems The George was a good place to work in many ways, but as it's situated on a rather busy road, there was quite a bit of noise and commotion.

'I like it here', says Frances. 'No cars.'

Natural Inspiration

The new location makes good use of an old community building. It's bright and cosy with big windows offering a view of trees and ever-changing nature. As Grace, who leads the workshop, says, 'It just has a wonderful peaceful feeling.' And now the team can plant a garden, to grow plants to dye wool from the sheep at Oaklands. So soon they'll be knitting 100% Camphill-grown jumpers.

Everything already looks so well-organised. At the table, Frances and others are knitting. 'Sometimes I knit hairbands', says Jane. And Mai and James are working on the looms, making scarves. Mai's scarf looks light as air. It will clearly be lovely to wear.

Creative challenge

James says, 'I like weaving and I make scarves.' His work is full of rich colours. One that's finished is held up so that its beauty can be fully appreciated. The tartan pattern is stunning. Plus, it's an original design.

'We like to challenge ourselves', says Grace.