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Please join us in saying hello to Elly and Emily at Oaklands. They’ve joined Jonathan, Jack, Kristian and Anne in Pear Tree House. Next door in Amber are Francis, Jane, Mai, Peter and Matthew. So there have been a lot of people to meet and get to know. How are they settling in?

'I like the freedom here'

'I'm doing good', says Emily. 'I like the freedom here.' For her, Oaklands is all about being as independent as she can. So rather than join a workshop team, she's doing a course in Independent Living at a local college. In her spare time she might relax in the lounge: 'I like to watch DVDs with Jonathan. We both like the film Mrs Brown.'

Elly is enjoying working on the farm with the animals. She also likes going to the Wood Workshop with Will and takes horse riding lessons at a nearby centre, where she helps care for the horses too. And sometimes she goes swimming with everyone. On Wednesday there's a big shared lunch for the Pear Tree and Amber households, plus Adam and Alistair from George Cottage. All in all, it's a full and very neighbourly life.