Welcome back, Angus

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Welcome back, Angus

Our communities offer a home to people for as long as it is right for them. Some choose to stay for just a few years, others for a lifetime. Or sometimes a person may leave to experience a different way of living, and then return, as Angus has done.

'It's brilliant'

Since rejoining our Oaklands community, he's been busy renewing old acquaintances and making new ones.'It's been absolutely hectic', he says. 'But I know loads of people now. It's brilliant. All the people are nice. 'I'm working in the Wood Workshop. We're doing toys. Dumper trucks, trains and all kinds of toys. I'm doing all the wheels for the lorries. 'I love acting so I’m hoping to do plays again. I used to do plays at Oaklands.''I'm loving being back.'