Welcome to Can Do Creative

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Welcome to Can Do Creative

There's a new shop at our Taurus Crafts centre, where you can see and buy some of the loveliest products made in our communities. 

Wooden toys from Oaklands, handthrown pottery made by Ian O'Neill from our Grange community, beautiful hand-made candles from Botton – they're all here, and more, at Can Do Creative.  

If you go on a Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday, Susie will also be there to give you a friendly greeting. 'I welcome people in', she says. 'I tell them a little bit about the project and the things people have made.' 

A platform to show what people can do

Debbie, who helped get the shop up and running, sees Can Do Creative as a logical step. 'Prior to this we've had the Can Do Market, where people from Camphill workshops have come along to sell their goods on a Saturday', she explains.

'People really enjoyed it, so it was a natural progression that we should open a little shop as a showcase for products across Camphill. 

We're also inviting other local charities working with people who have disabilities who produce fantastic products. We really want to create a platform to show what people can do, and to sell the fantastic things they make.'

'I am really enjoying it'

For Susie, working at Can Do Creative is a paid job, which is a progression for her, too.

'I used to volunteer in the gift shop at Taurus', she says. 'Then I did the Steps to Work course. And then I got this job straight after the course.' (Steps to Work is a programme at Taurus Crafts which is delivered by the National Star College.)

She’s proud that her boyfriend, Tristan, is selling his work in the shop: 'He does woodwork. He makes pens and bottle stoppers and keyrings. 'I am really enjoying it. Because it's a new shop and just a really nice place to work.'

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