A welcome improvement

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Kingsbury House
A welcome improvement

Thank you so much for helping us to open the door to more people at Kingsbury House.

With the help of your generous donations, the building has been repaired and renewed. The lounge is now an inviting place to sit with friends and watch a film. The kitchen can cater for a bigger household. And there are finally enough bathrooms.

Your kindness in helping us with Kingsbury means that more people like James will have a chance to experience the warmth and support of the Taurus

Crafts community, and grow in confidence. The ‘house community’ here is all about nurturing independence.

‘I kind of learned independence at Kingsbury’

‘I used to live in Kingsbury’, James explains. ‘When the rebuilding started, I moved out into one of the flats here at Taurus. Now I’ve decided to stay where I am. I kind of learned independence at

Kingsbury. It gave me the opportunity, helped me move forward in my life.

‘I think what’s been done at Kingsbury is very, very good. They’ve made an extra room so if people want to come for a trial visit they can. I think the new lounge is brilliant, now they’ve got rid of that horrible extension!’

Another lovely feature is the garden, which over the summer played host to several community celebrations and barbeques. ‘It’s really starting to feel lived in’, says house coordinator Allan. Thank you again.