Wellies, Weaving, Music

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Wellies, Weaving, Music
Wellies, Weaving, Music

Nick has only been living at Delrow for two months but so far everything’s been great, he says – apart from one pair of wellies.

‘I work in the garden in the afternoons’,he explains. ‘But yesterday when I was wearing the boots my foot started hurting. At Delrow we wear wellies with steel toecaps. It’s a very important rule. Because if you accidentally stuck a fork there, the caps would protect your toes.’

That said, the conversation turns swiftly to Nick’s main reason for moving to Delrow. ‘I wanted to be closer to home’, he says. Before, he lived in Cairnlee – a Camphill community for young people near Aberdeen. ‘Now I’m here, my mum doesn’t have to get on a plane to come and see me. She lives just down the road. She’s glad she is closer and so am I.’

Nick likes the new experiences he’s having at Delrow, too. As well as helping in the garden, he’s been making a rug in the Weavery and learning to play the drums.

Movies and music interest him: ‘I’ve got Sweeney Todd on DVD and recently I got into The Phantom of the Opera. I like to sing. Maybe it’s because of my father. He was a country singer.’

There is also the fun of having a whole new group of housemates: Rachel, Anthony, Valerie, Siobhan and Johannes. ‘We get on really well together’, he says. And in their opinion, ‘Nick is absolutely wonderful’, says Siobhan. ‘And he’s very musical. Right now we are rehearsing for a play and he is the only one who knows all the songs.’ Sounds like you’re both welcome and needed at Delrow, Nick! It’s great to have you with us.