We're a quality team

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We're a quality team

Nine teams from our communities have won a prestigious award for their fantastic work on reviewing people’s quality of life in CVT.

Innovative and excellent

Jo, Tom, Stephen and Mark represented the quality of life review teams and collected the ‘Citizenship Award’ from Esther Rantzen at the 3rd Sector Care Awards ceremony in London.

These awards celebrate and showcase innovation and excellence in not-for-profit and care organisations. Our review teams were singled out for the role they’re playing in helping CVT support people to be full and active citizens. ‘They are driving fundamental changes to the way the charity supports people’, the judges said.

Working together

The story of these award-winning teams began two years ago, when we started working with an organisation called Changing Our Lives to develop a new approach to looking at the quality of life people experience across our communities.

The emphasis of the project was to find out more about people’s aspirations and ambitions, and how well they are being supported to work towards them.

Review teams were trained, each led by a community member, who is the Quality of Life Reviewer.

Stephen, a Reviewer, says ‘We meet people, and find out what their quality of life is.’

Each Reviewer is supported by a staff partner whose role is to help with planning interviews, structuring the findings and writing the quality of life review report.

‘We’re not just looking for things that need altering, we’re looking for things we can praise and share with other communities and people’, explains Stephen’s staff partner, Karin.

Stephen agrees: ‘It brings new ideas and inspiration to people’s lives.’