What a good idea

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What a good idea
What a good idea

May and June were short of sunshine in Loch Arthur. The rain poured. And poured. ‘It was very cold’, says Pat, who runs the Garden Workshop. ‘Plants were slow to grow. It felt like we were a month behind. ’So wasn’t it lucky that a little seed of an idea took root and bloomed in time to help the gardening team carry on with their work? ‘In April, when the weather was better, we put in some raised beds’,explains Pat. ‘We wanted to make it easier for people who have mobility problems to be part of the gardening team.’

Protected and secure

The beds stand high enough so that people don’t have to kneel or bend down to work. The soil is held in a series of containers made from recycled plastic,built for the purpose by a local firm.‘Fortunately, we put them up near the greenhouse which has provided some protection against the rain and chill – for both people and plants’, Pat adds. ‘And we made a path right round them so that people who are not confident on their feet would also feel secure while working there.’

This has been great for Ian, who likes to do fine-fingered work like planting out seedlings and weeding, but finds it very hard to bend down to work at ground level. And Pamela, who feels unsteady on uneven surfaces, can make her way safely around the beds as she works.‘Thanks to the raised beds, the salad crops and parsley have done quite well this summer, despite the awful weather’, says Pat. ‘We hope to put in another two soon.’

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