Where our willow grows

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Where our willow grows

Our Basketry team at Delrow had a very interesting day out at Wassledine farm in Bedfordshire, seeing where some of our willow comes from.

'I saw some cows', Marco remembers, 'and the willows were beige, orange, white and yellow. It was for our basket-making.'

'It was a very nice day', says Newby. 'We saw where our willow grows – it was a big field. I like all the different colours but my favourite one is white.'

A great opportunity

We thought it would be a great opportunity for people who work in the Basketry to go and see how this material actually grows', explains Wojciech, Delrow's head basket-maker. 'And meet the farmers, Jane and Guy, who we are working with.'

Guy and Jane have been very supportive; they've helped with the Basketry's running costs by taking some of the finished baskets in part-exchange for their willow.

Natural beauty

Everyone was amazed to see the huge variety of willow growing at Wassledine farm, each with its own distinctive quality and natural beauty.

It was a really fun day out – and Jane and Guy have invited everyone back when it's time to collect more!