Work in progress

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Work in progress

Having acquired not just one but two allotment plots, gardeners at Camphill St Albans are looking set to have a productive summer.

A big thanks for this opportunity must go to the Harpenden Golf Club and all its members, who helped raise the funds needed for the project through running a charity golf event.

Thanks to their ‘smashing’ generosity, an enthusiastic team of community members supported by Joy, the Team Leader, are really bringing the allotments back to life.

They’ve given their project a lovely name, too: Seeds of Nurture.

Lots happening

Putting up a cosy cabin and a polytunnel so they could keep busy over the winter was key to having plenty of young plants to set out this spring.

Now there are vegetables, flowers, herbs, fruit trees and bushes, all neatly edged with willow hurdling. Hens scratch about contentedly in their well-protected run and coop.

‘I’m very pleased we got the allotments’, says Anthony. ‘It’s been great to be outside working here.’ It’s rewarding to see all the seeds he sowed, and all the young plants he potted on, growing strong.

Really fresh

Joanna says, ‘I like it because it’s quite therapeutic. I like to get my hands in the earth without gloves on. And I love eating what we grow. It’s not got pesticides or anything on it. It’s just fresh, really fresh.’

Even so, there should soon be enough fresh produce to share with the Café on the Corner – another Camphill St Albans project – and enough work to offer more people the chance to come