Your warm words touch us

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Your warm words touch us

Years ago, when we first sent news of our communities and needs out into the world, we had no idea whether anyone would be interested – let alone take up the opportunity to befriend and support us.

But whatever happened, we hoped to build true friendships.

'I like the fact that you ask me how I want to be contacted.'

So we have been truly grateful and touched to hear warm words of appreciation like these, during recent conversations with our friends. We hope that you, too, feel valued and respected – please do let us know if you ever want to change the way we keep in touch with you.

'You feel that you're actually part of the family.'

Hearing that our friends really feel a part of things was wonderful; we really feel we're working together with you, to give people opportunities to live life to the full that would otherwise not exist.

'I like to read about the people, how they're enjoying life and what they do.'

To know that our news gives you pleasure gives us a warm glow. It means that through the good times and the challenges, we are enhancing each other's lives. And that's what friendship is all about.

Thank you for being our friend.