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Catherine weaving
There's a unique and personal story behind every item on sale in our community shops. Catherine is weaving a beautiful fleece rug in one of Botton Village's workshops, where we caught up with her to find out more.
There's a nip in the air
And the first frosts
Camphill Village Trust is delighted to offer you our range of Christmas cards and gifts, which have been designed and made by members of our communities, both people we support and staff.
Joy and Ed in the willow dome
Preparations for Michaelmas are underway at St Albans. The Seeds of Nurture Allotment group will be holding a barbecue to celebrate bringing the harvest home. Traditional festivals like this are an important part of CVT's heritage, a time when communities can come together.
Keeping busy at Botton
Simon is one of three new people we have welcomed to Botton Village recently, and more new arrivals are expected any day.
The popularity of the soap and candles from the craft workshop at the Croft in Malton is all down to the hard work of the people who make them.