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Camphill Stories

Since Annabel joined us as Fundraising Director, she’s been dividing her time between the fundraising base in Botton Village and getting to know all our nine different communities. Plus, she has a young family – and interests in gardening, reading and tennis-playing to keep up with.
Some of our readers may recall that in 2014 and 2015, we told you about some developments at Camphill Village Trust.
Cups, saucers, bowls and plates, in various stages of completion, line the shelves of the Pottery workshop at The Grange community; the variety of skills that people develop here is evident.
A few months ago, an exciting invitation came to the craft team at Larchfield community. It said Kirkleatham Museum in Redcar was planning an exhibition of artwork and crafts which have had therapeutic benefits during the creative process. Would people from Larchfield like to submit some work?
A new cooking group at Berith and Camphill community is supporting people to be the confident, safe and nutrition-aware chefs they want to be.
As the number of people in their retirement years has increased at Oaklands community, so has the need for accessible, ground floor accommodation. A huge thank you to all who generously contributed to helping us meet this need by converting the community’s disused Creamery into new homes.