Family News

Camphill Stories

New friendships are being forged in Stourbridge, thanks to the joining together of our Camphill Houses community and the Berith Foundation.
Peter with some of his Botton ‘family’ in Hall North – and second row on the right in the small photo, as a child at Kirkton House.
In 1938, at the age of nine, Peter Bergel became the first child to find a home with Camphill at Kirkton House near Aberdeen.
Nicholas, Gareth and Paul - The helpful shoppers
The three men from The Croft give up their Wednesdays to ‘pop to the shops’ for those at Deansfield whose age or infirmity means they can’t shop for themselves.
Gerhard, Derek, Martin and Allan do their bit to help people in Africa.
Refurbishing old, unwanted tools – so that an artisan or farmer in another country can have the tools they need to earn a living.
To all our supporters and The Camphill Family team, thank you for all the generous donations and hard work to enable us to build our new Workshop. We recently received the building warrant and so now we can begin in earnest.
Anna on horseback
Anna, from our Croft community, remembers the first time she sat on a horse. ‘I was about three’, she says. ‘I was with my mum. The horse was called Lord Snooty.’