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Camphill Stories

'It's been rather wonderful'
In the Botton Weavery, Lucinda has a beautiful new loom. "It's really nice. I really like it", she says.
'Eurythmy is good'
Gentle yet enlivening, Eurythmy enriches life for many of us in Camphill. As a form of artistic movement it’s been around for nearly 100 years.
Feeling great
Katharine and Kristian from Oaklands Park are here to tell you about ‘Get Fit, Feel Better’ – a course on fitness and healthy living they chose to take this year.
Three cheers for the Dragons' Apprentices
Well done to the sixth formers at Oaklands College in St Albans, who turned £100 into a £577 donation for Camphill!
It’s My Life!
It’s My Life! conference which 50 Camphill residents attended back in March was a big success!
What a good idea
May and June were short of sunshine in Loch Arthur. The rain poured. And poured.