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Camphill Stories

The ancient festival of Candlemas, which falls on 2nd February, marks the midpoint between the winter solstice and spring equinox. In the Christian faith, candles for the year ahead may be blessed on this day.
People in the Berith and Camphill Partnership drama group have been transforming themselves into some famous felines.
Guest volunteer Sergei has come from Ukraine to live and work alongside residents of our St Albans community for nine months. Guest volunteers enrich the social and creative culture of our communities; this year there will be over 40  people, helping out in five of our nine communities. Like Sergei, most stay for between six and twelve months.
Enabling people to grow and develop is a core aim of our communities. For some, this means moving into independent accommodation, with support to ensure they can manage, whilst still remaining a part of their community – as James has done, in Botton Village.
Nine teams from our communities have won a prestigious award for their fantastic work on reviewing people’s quality of life in CVT.
Since Annabel joined us as Fundraising Director, she’s been dividing her time between the fundraising base in Botton Village and getting to know all our nine different communities. Plus, she has a young family – and interests in gardening, reading and tennis-playing to keep up with.