Family News

Camphill Stories

Inspired by the popular television programme Come Dine with Me, residents of Camphill St Albans organised their own, healthy eating version.
Nearly everyone at Botton had a hand in creating a new, welcoming artwork near the entrance to the village.
Pepsi, a Shetland pony, lives in one of our stables at Larchfield Farm. When she’s not in the stables, mostly she’s out in the field with the sheep.
Walk down the lane through Larchfield community, past the sheep and the chickens, and in five minutes or so you’ll come to the garden, with its greenhouses and well-tended raised beds.
Carl and Chris are good buddies who’ve been brought together by our Berith and Camphill Partnership community and a shared love of gardening and photography.
From searching forest floors to beachcombing, workshop teams at The Croft have been going the extra mile to find natural materials to enhance their products.