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Camphill Stories

Thanks to friends who have supported the development of our community in Stourbridge, Sandra has taken a first step into greater independence.
From searching forest floors to beachcombing, workshop teams at The Croft went the extra mile this summer to find natural materials to enhance their products.
Meet Owen, who moved this year from his home city of Sheffield to join The Croft community in Malton. He feels it’s opened up his life, in all kinds of ways.
It was a busy summer for our Botton Village farmers. With careful tending, the vegetables thrived in the big field at High Farm – and who would have thought so many tomatoes and salad leaves could come out of one polytunnel?
Ben, a resident of The Croft Community, enjoys making pompoms. He’s made pompom sheep, hedgehogs, chickens, cushions, rugs and even a pompom chair.
Between them, Fiona, Patty and Geoffrey have 225  years of life experience to contribute to their community, The Grange. And they do still make a very active contribution.