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Camphill Stories

Botton Village, Larchfield Community and The Croft Community residents are holding their very first Ball in November. They want to make the most of the occasion and have asked for some evening wear.
Congratulations to Mark, in Botton Village, for his resourcefulness when he spotted smoke drifting underneath the front door of his flat.
It's been a big happy birthday for The Croft! Please join us here, as a friend, for a taste of our celebrations and life in our community.
The opening of 'The Croft Centre for the Mentally Handicapped' – now known as The Croft Community – was an exciting day for the eighteen people who were to be the community's first residents, co-workers and pioneers.
Three years ago, just under forty people were benefitting from being part of our Larchfield community. Today, that number has doubled to eighty!
Botton Village Open Day, on Sunday 3rd July