Family News

Camphill Stories

There's a new shop at our Taurus Crafts centre, where you can see and buy some of the loveliest products made in our communities.
Participating in an art fair was a wonderful experience for Alex, Nikki and others from our St Albans community. As Alex put it, 'It was really good!'
Jamie, a member of our Croft community, is a mainstay of the team that runs the popular Kingfisher Café in the heart of Malton.
We wish to say an enormous thank you to all the friends who donated to help buy a large vehicle, to benefit Alex, Anthony, Val, Maggie and Peter at Ashfield House in Stourbridge.
As you may remember, last year we wrote to you about Oak Tree Cottage and Beehive, two homes at the Croft community that needed building work and refurbishment.
A tall tree will glow with candles and decorations throughout the twelve days of Christmas at Delrow community. Come and hear the story of how we kindle and share the light.