Family News

Camphill Stories

Our Basketry team at Delrow had a very interesting day out at Wassledine farm in Bedfordshire, seeing where some of our willow comes from.
The Croft garden was once a quarry. We worked hard to improve and enrich the soil - and now it feeds us with all kinds of vegetables and fruit.
Emma came to live at Botton Village nearly thirty years ago, and arrived at a time of great loss; her mother had passed away only two weeks before.
As Peace Ambassadors, fourteen people from the Grange community are hoping to spread the spirit of peace and healing wherever they go.
Mark, Charlotte and Joseph met the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, when he visited The Croft community earlier this year.
Years ago, when we first sent news of our communities and needs out into the world, we had no idea whether anyone would be interested – let alone take up the opportunity to befriend and support us. But whatever happened, we hoped to build true friendships.