Things have never been better
Louise from St Albans

Fulfilling a dream

Louise joined our community at Camphill St Albans because she needed a change. She now has a job at which she excels, in one of the community’s craft workshops, where she makes beautiful glass and bead jewellery. ‘It’s kind of a dream for me,’ Louise says. ‘The chance to do this was one of the reasons I came here. I can’t remember how I got started. It was when I was young. I just love it. I do a lot of beadwork in my spare time too. I can’t get enough of it.’

Nimble fingers

People who see Louise at work marvel at her dexterity in working with tiny beads and pieces of glass. ‘The other day someone said to me they wished they had fingers like me and not thumbs’, she says with a laugh. Her work is sold at the community’s Café Apt in St Albans town centre.

A sense of freedom

Louise is one of 20 adults who appreciate the security and the freedom that Camphill St Albans gives them. In this small, urban community, everyone sets their own goals but is never alone when coping with challenges. This could not have been achieved without friends, who have helped meet the cost of buying and adapting homes and flats so that people can achieve their dreams of greater independence.

‘It’s different from where I was before’, Louise says. ‘Here, there’s more free rein. I can get out and about in town. And I have a bedsit of my own. Things have never been better.’