I'm in transport, I help clean the dirty cars.
Sam, Botton Village

Meet Sam, who lives in Botton Village, and is keen on vehicles of all kinds.

He has several jobs that take him round the village, including gardening and doing the store deliveries to the houses. Unofficially, he also likes to keep a watchful eye on the disabled bay in the car park, so that it’s used properly.  

But he particularly likes looking after Botton’s small fleet of essential cars. 'I'm in transport', he says. 'I help clean the cars.'

With Lisa driving, 'we take the cars to Maintenance and use the hose', he explains. 'They get very dirty. I wash them.'

Favourite pastimes

Next to vehicles, Sam enjoys swimming. He goes every Tuesday in a big group with Alan, Jackie and others: 'I'm a good swimmer, I do breaststroke and crawl, fast.'

He’s also a huge fan of the 1990s TV series Keeping Up Appearances and its central character, the overbearing Hyacinth Bucket.

The funniest episode, in his opinion, is 'Daddy's Accident, and when Hyacinth grabs Richard on the boat!'