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Helping to create a new house community at Larchfield
Larchfield Community
Stephen, Jeremy, Chazz, Jean and Kenny have been helping to plan a new ‘house community-within-our-community’ at Leven House in Larchfield – would you help make it a reality?
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Berith & Camphill Partnership
The Cockle Shell Craft Centre has a gift shop, Café and a ‘paint your own pottery’ studio, where people can come and create their own master-piece which is glazed and fired on our premises. We also run different craft groups like felting and needle craft.
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Delrow Community
A 300 year old Tudor mansion and its surrounding estate is home to our community at Delrow. Around fifty of our residents have special needs or mental health problems; we also provide day places for people living in hospitals, residential care homes and the wider community. Residents and co-workers produce a variety of crafts and goods for the community or are for sale in the workshops. at open days, garden parties and occasionally at craft fairs.
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