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We want the people we support to have a voice in this newsletter, so we’re really pleased that Guy, from Larchfield has given us permission to share one of his original comic strips.

‘I’ve been drawing most of my life’ says Guy ‘But I think in the last few years my drawing has incredibly improved.’

Guy enjoys all the arts and crafts on offer at Larchfield, but his unique talent is cartoon drawing. And everyone at Larchfield can benefit, because Guy contributes an original comic strip to the regular Larchfield Link newsletter.

The comic strip features Gary the Beaver - a character of Guy’s own creation: ‘Beavers are my favourite animals’ he explains. ‘But they are rarely seen as the main characters in cartoons. I like animal characters - when I draw humans, it doesn’t feel right. I just drew him down on paper and the idea stuck.’

A talent for visual storytelling

Each short comic strip which Guy creates tells a story without words ‘I use a kind of picture language in speech bubbles, instead of dialogue. And lots of visual humour’ says Guy. The comic strip even has a relatable cast of characters, and everyday life themes. ‘One of my supporting characters is Greg, Gary’s brother. Greg’s a more successful guy, he has a better suit and is really strong so Gary’s a bit jealous!’

Attending a film club in Stockton has helped Guy learn more about animation and drawing techniques. Now he’s keen to develop his computer animation skills to take his cartoons to the next level. Guy is always keen to share his cartoons with a wider audience, and we’re so grateful he’s allowed us to reproduce one here. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!