Art with a heart

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Art with a heart

That was the verdict after the Berith and Camphill Partnership hosted their first Art Exhibition in September. The Exhibition, which ran for four days in BCP’s community hall, was opened by the Deputy Mayor of Dudley.

Sharing responsibility

The community worked together to plan the event. ‘We held monthly planning meetings to discuss how to display work, and logistics like refreshments, stalls, entertainment, special guests and parking’ says Jenny. The group even worked together to design and co-produce a leaflet and poster to advertise the event.

Showcasing our talents

Sandra is just one of the talented artists who submitted a number of works of art. As well as an enormous lion rag rug, she exhibited several paintings. ‘I painted a dolphin, an owl and a raven’ Sandra says. ‘I like painting animals. I painted them out of my own head. I use watercolour paint and acrylic paint. Watercolour is easier but I like both.’

A huge range of artistic styles and talents were on display. Christina sold a painting of the Dutch bulbfields, while Francis, who is a big fan of Doctor Who, displayed a handmade Tardis. And Sandra performed a song: ‘I did Whisky in the Jar which is my best song. I’d never sung in public before so I was a bit nervous.’

The Exhibition was a great success, and the group is planning a community meal to celebrate. ‘Everybody worked so hard and the artwork was wonderful’ says Jenny. ‘It was a chance for everyone to get the recognition they deserve.’