Introducing CVT Connect

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CVT Connect
Introducing CVT Connect

Social media is a huge part of everyday life - both for the younger generation and increasingly their parents and grandparents. People who live in and visit our communities are no different, with smartphones and tablets growing in popularity.

Learning to stay safe online

Of course, staying safe online is important. That’s why a group of 14 people from different Camphill Village Trust communities came together, to develop CVT Connect. This secure website allows members of our community to connect with each other, share ideas and celebrate their successes together.

After the first trial of CVT Connect, the working group held a consultation to iron out any problems. Now they’re planning a relaunch of the improved version, with new ‘easy to use’ features. For example, anyone who finds remembering letters difficult can choose a picture for a password. And if you forget, the ‘reset’ button will alert a local member of staff who can help you get back online.

Technology with a personal touch

What sets CVT Connect apart from other social networking sites is the combination of online and offline support. ‘We’re planning regular drop ins,’ says Phil, the project manager behind CVT Connect. ‘With tablets available in every community, every week, so that people can get online with the help of a staff member who will explain what it’s all about.’

Sparking new conversations

‘It’s safer than Facebook because only people from Camphill Village Trust can join, and means that everyone from different communities can chat and share news’ says Tom from The Croft, who’s a keen user of CVT Connect. ‘The drop in sessions are a great idea too - I’d tell everyone to give it a go!’