About us

What is The Camphill Family?

Through ten communities and services, The Camphill Family helps to offer a supportive home and fulfilling life to over 350 vulnerable adults. Whether we live in a household with others, or more independently, we accept and appreciate each other for who we are and encourage each other to give our best.

We believe that everyone has something of worth to contribute and should have the chance to develop their potential in an atmosphere of mutual care and respect. Doing work we enjoy, having fun, helping each other to learn and grow, and living in harmony with nature are fundamental.

A family of friends

Together, our communities are registered as a charity called The Camphill Village Trust. Each one offers something unique. But each one depends on the generosity of friends like you.

We are as self-sufficient as possible and receive some government funding. But sadly this doesn’t cover the costs of maintaining or equipping our homes, workshops and other buildings and projects – or adding new strands to the rainbow of opportunities we offer. You can help us, by becoming our friend.