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Artisan cheeses, hand-made toys or bio-dynamic seeds to grow your own vegetables are just a few of the items we sell in the Camphill Village Trust.  You can buy these products and many more by clicking on the links below.

Camphill Products Sales Department

The Camphill Products Sales Department located at Botton Village, is the main stockist for Woodwork items from Newton Dee, Botton Village and Grange Village.  We also supply candles, weavery items, dolls and papercrafts which are all hand-made in Botton Village.  Newton Dee's Metal Workshop produces beautiful brass-work and Grange Village's blue glazed pottery is delightful, to find out more visit

Taurus Crafts

With many years of experience supplying trade customers and use of high quality materials, the Pottery at Taurus Crafts is able to offer a reliable and competitive supply to retailers and other volume customers. large range of designs and choice of glazes creates a variety of options.

Our pots are all produced by hand using our own recipe of stoneware clay. The pots are fired to 1280°C in large gas kiln, making them durable and suited for use with modern kitchen appliances. Visit the Pottery shop at Taurus Crafts for a range of functional tableware and larger ‘bespoke’ pieces. Glazes are reduction fired and can be applied individually or combined for decorative effect. For more information please visit

Stormy Hall Seeds

Stormy Hall Seeds is a seed company located in North Yorkshire. It is part of the Botton Village Camphill Community and the work in our seed workshop involves the growing, processing, testing and distribution of biodynamic vegetable, herb and flower seeds. We do this with the help of a small team of workers, some having special needs, visit

Delrow Felt workshop

Delrow's Felt Workshop craft beautiful hand-made slippers, egg cups and an array of other colourful products out of pure wool.  The fun egg cosies below are just £8.00 for two and eco-friendly slippers come in an array of sizes and colours to suit all.  The bolster cushions are needle-pointed by resident Linda in a freestyle design and measure around 50cm x 20cm, they are £15.00 each.  If you would like to buy any of these unique products please telephone 01923 856006 and ask to be transferred to the Felt Workshop.