Legacy giving

A legacy for Crow's Nest

A substantial legacy has helped to kick start a much anticipated development at the Crow’s Nest workshop at our Grange Village community based in Gloucestershire.

Their new pottery will benefit from more natural daylight, and it will be warmer and easier to clean.  Additional space will be provided for storage and it will be possible to reinstate the wash room and loo. More day students will be able to join the community and benefit from the unique opportunities offered by Camphill.  Next to the pottery will be a coffee bar and kitchen, which has been designed so films can be projected onto the back of the cupboards.

Upstairs, a mezzanine area will provide a contemplative setting with magnificent views of the River Severn.  Wi-Fi will also be available so people can bring their laptops and browse the internet or send emails to family and friends. Finally the old games room will be restored to its former glory, giving residents a much needed space to play pool and relax with friends.

A meaningful legacy

If you’d like to give something special to people in our communities that will be appreciated for years to come, a gift in your will is a wonderful way to do it. As our challenges and needs are always changing, a gift which allows us to respond to current circumstances is always very helpful. But we would be grateful for any gift you would like to leave as your legacy; below you’ll find some wordings to help you consider the possibilities. 

Ways to give

You can choose how to help The Camphill Family (registered as The Camphill Village Trust Ltd) in your will, and your legacy will be tax free.  Here are some examples of  ways to give and wordings you can use to make your wishes clear.

A residuary gift

A gift of the remainder of your estate after you have provided for your family and friends.  This type of legacy increases in value over time, in line with the value of your estate, and so is very beneficial to us. 

eg  ‘I give the residue of my estate to The Camphill Village Trust Ltd,  *  registered charity no. 232402, for its charitable purposes.  I further direct that the receipt of the person or persons professing to be the proper officers of The Camphill Village Trust Ltd shall be a full and sufficient discharge of the said legacy.’

* If you wish your gift to be used for one of the communities in particular, you should insert - specifically for the benefit of (insert name of community).

A pecuniary gift

This is a gift of a fixed sum of money.  However, because of inflation, you may want to bear in mind that its eventual value to our communities may be worth less than you intended.

eg ‘I give the sum of £________  to The Camphill Village Trust Ltd......’ (please continue the wording as for residuary gift above).

A specific gift

If you wish to leave a specific item instead of money, we will be happy to accept it.  But we would like you to be aware that if we have no reason for retaining the asset, we may dispose of the item for the best price obtainable.

A reversionary gift

This is when you leave a gift to someone else for their lifetime (say, a gift of shares or a house to a relative), and then to The Camphill Village Trust Ltd on their death.  You therefore benefit a loved one as well as leaving a legacy to charity.  To word such a legacy do consult your solicitor.

A donation in memory

Many people like the idea of a gift being made to their favourite charity in their memory, or in lieu of flowers.  You can name us in your will for this purpose.

A codicil

You can change your will at any time with a codicil — an add-on document that is kept with your will.  To be sure of the wording it’s a good idea to ask your solicitor.

Please note - the above list is not a complete one. Do consult your solicitor if the type of legacy you have in mind is not mentioned.

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