Achieving our hopes and dreams

We are desperately short of funds to keep groups like the Megaphone Team going. Please will you help?


  'Ideas can be real' - Sylvia

  Sylvia loves taking pictures – she's never
  without her camera. Expressing her thoughts
  is very important to her, so she is delighted
  to be part of the Megaphone Team at Delrow.
  'We decided to call it the Megaphone Team
  because it's for all of us to be heard', she


In the Megaphone Team everyone shares ideas for projects they would like to start up. Then, with support, together they take on the responsibility for 
making their hopes and 
dreams happen. Their first project involved taking 
photographs and making videos to help 
everyone at Delrow understand all 
the different ways they can be involved in their community.
It was incredibly 
exciting and a huge success – a really new kind of achievement! 


  'It's brilliant' - Luke

  Luke works on High Farm at Botton Village.
  'It's me and some of the lads, it's great', he
  says. But being part of a group similar to the
  Megaphone Team, at Botton, is a new
  'It's been brilliant since we got it kicked off.'

  He's thrown himself into the group’s first
  dream, refurbishing the old community store
  into a place for residents to work together on
  future projects, and to enjoy as a new social
space. 'Me and Sean got the carpet down', he says. 'When it's opened up it will look great.'


Together we're achieving things we never thought we could. But with our greatly reduced funding we need your support to continue. 

  'It brings us together' - Steph and Bruce

  Our new resident-led group are springing up
  across our communities. And the 
story behind
  them is lovely. They use a framework (called
  'Learn to 
lead') developed by teachers who
  wanted their students, from the very young
  upwards, to discover the joys of responsibility,
ownership and running things for themselves.
  As a result, in our communities a sense of involvement, ownership and pride is developing in those who have never taken a leadership role before.

Our groups are desperately short of funds. So if you would like to help Sylvia, Luke, Stephanie, Bruce and many others, you really can. Your donation will help provide the spaces, training and resources that people need to achieve their hopes and dreams.

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