Camphill Christmas Appeal
Look with us to the future

At Berith House in Stourbridge, our Christmas decorations went up early. Friends came round to give the house a burst of cheer. But then our door had to close. 

Our house needs work! Please will you help make it possible?

‘Last year we had fun singing carols and making food’, Harriet says

If we’re to bring Berith House up to date and into full use again, we need to turn it into a home that’s right for more young adults like Harriet. 

‘Last year we had fun singing carols and making food’, Harriet says, remembering Christmases past. And with the help of all that she’s learned while living at Berith House, she hopes one day she’ll put up a Christmas tree in her own flat. She’s been learning to cook, do her washing, manage money and more. 

You can help provide this opportunity of a lifetime for more people by helping us make the living arrangements at Berith House a little more self-contained - and the shared spaces, like the kitchen, better equipped and easier to use. 

We need your help to make Berith House a shared home and heart of our community once more.

Your gift could help more people like Richard find a caring and fulfilling home with us, too. 

‘Feeling safe’, Richard says, is what he’s most appreciated about life at Berith House. He knows he’s never alone, so he can relax – whether he’s at home, or helping at our organic garden, where he enjoys looking after Buddy and Lilly, our ponies.

With your help, at the back of Berith House we can rebuild an extension to make the house suitable for others like Richard who need greater support and care.

It will be good for us all

Berith House is just a short walk away from other homes in our community. So once it’s open again, it will be easy for anyone who feels lonely or distressed to pop in for a cup of tea and a chat with someone who cares.

There’s also a garage and garden that can be improved to provide places for work, games and activities that help maintain a healthy body and mind. 

Please look with us to the future. Your gift will change our lives.

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