Getting out and about helps us lead full lives

Would you help us on our journeys?

Please would you send a gift to help buy much-needed new 'wheels' for Ashfield House, and Oaklands Community. Your kindness will go far!


  Alex, left, pictured here with Tina,
  benefits so much from going out 
  a walk every day.

  Activities are at the heart of the household
 From a simple trip to town to buy
  ingredients to make a cake, to an ambitious
  visit to the seaside, getting out and about
  helps enliven what would otherwise be very
  limitied days, and brings out the best in


  Nothing makes Maggie happier than a
  social event.

  But to keep making everyone's journeys
  possible, the household now desperately
  needs a reliable 7-seater car. Please would
  you give a gift to help buy a car, so that life
  for Alex, Anthony, Val, Maggie, Nick and
  Peter can continue to be as fulfilling as


Would you help our older residents?

  Richard, Chrissy and Lynn, left, at
  Oakland need better 'wheels' too.

  'We're becoming really restricted in what we
  can do' explains Mike, who works in the
  community. 'For example, Richard now uses
  a mobility walker almost everywhere. For him
  to go somewhere, there has to be room for it
  in the vehicle. We do have a minibus, but it's
  very basic. There's barely any space for

A more spacious and senior-friendly minibus would also help Lynn. She's worked at our Weavery for years, and makes beautiful rugs. But it's a couple of miles away, and climbing into our old minibus is now very difficult for her.


We are fundraising to meet the costs of new wheels, an expense that cannot be met by any other means.

For Ashfield House we need:

  • A second, large vehicle to ease pressure
  • With special modifications to keep everyone safe and secure

For Oaklands we need:

  • A minibus with easy access
  • Plus room for wheelchairs and walkers

Across our communities we need:

  • Updating and replacing ageing transport, if we're fortunate to raise sufficient funds


Please will you help? We have no way to find new 'wheels' for Ashfield House or Oaklands except through the generosity of our friends.


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