Helping to create a new house community at Larchfield
Help create a new house community at Larchfield

Stephen, Jeremy, Chazz, Jean and Kenny could soon be part of a pioneering new ‘house community-within-our-community’ at Leven House in Larchfield.  They’ve been helping to plan the project  – would you help make it a reality?

Plans to be more independent

‘I like making curries’, Chazz says. ‘And ginger walnut cake. The only thing I don’t like is beetroot. And cabbage.’

Since he started training in the Carvery of a local pub, he’s learned loads about catering and food preparation. ‘I do my own laundry, I tidy my room and on Friday I go to college’, he adds with pride.

The prospect of being part of the new Leven House community – where he’d progress to living in a ‘mini flat’ with a bedroom, a small living area and a little kitchen to cook in – appeals to Chazz’s need to keep moving towards independence: ‘It’s a good thing to do’.

Plans to welcome more people

Jeremy has been a faithful member of our garden team for longer than most of us can remember. As he says, ‘I have learned about plants and how to look after them.’

Every weekday he walks to Larchfield from the block of flats in Middlesbrough where he lives. But the weekends, when he’s all by himself, can be lonely. He would rather be living amongst friends.

You can help end his long wait. Jeremy will be one of the eight new people we can welcome to live at Larchfield – if we can raise the funds we need to rebuild Leven House.

Plans that involve everyone

We’re planning to build Leven House in a way that makes it possible for people who are more able, those who have a physical disability, and those who need a carer with them round the clock, to share and create a home together.

Your gift will help create a home where someone can help to cook a meal, look after the garden, or simply offer a listening ear at the end of the day and know their contribution is valued. 

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