Help make room for old friends at Oaklands

Help make room for old friends at Oaklands

Some friends come into your life for a season. Others grow with every passing year. At Oaklands we need more accessible accommodation for our old friends.

Why we must make room for old friends now

  'At Oaklands, many of our residents have lived
  here for more than 20 years', says Lindsey
  (pictured right with Nick). ‘They've made their
  lives at Oaklands - and we believe in giving
  people a home for as long as 
it's right for
  them. But now our number of older residents
  is outstripping the number of houses and
  rooms we have
 that are suitable. Although
  we have a real mix of ages here – some
  people are just in their twenties – well over 

  half the people we support are now in their
senior years. So making more room for old friends is something we 
really have to do now.' 

We have to be ready

  'I used to be a fast walker. But now it
be better living on the ground
It's hard climbing up all these
  stairs, you see.' - Nick

  'Nick's home is here in Beech house, where
  I work', says Lindsey. 'He has lived at 
  Oaklands for most of his adult life. He came
when he was 29, and he's not only had a full
life, he's contributed so much to the
  community. Now Nick's nearing 70. And he's
developed Parkinson's. He's still managing with a bedroom on the first floor. But we can see the day coming where Nick will no longer be able to get up the stairs. If he's to stay at Oaklands, he will need a home that's senior-friendly and on the ground floor.

'We need to make room for old friends like Nick now. What we don't want is for him, or anyone, to get to the stage where they're struggling, and there's no place for them here. For anyone to have to leave the community in this way would be heartbreaking.'

Please help us turn our old milking parlour into lovely, accessible rooms

  Perfect for older residents.
  If our fundraising is successful, this old farm
  building can be converted to provide up to
  three lovely rooms for older residents at 
  Oaklands. It's a cost-effective way to enable 
  people to stay living in the community that 
  has been their lifetime home.  

  And it's in an ideal, sociable location, within
 mini-neighbourhood of the Farmhouse,  
  Pear Tree and Amber that are homes to people 
of all ages. So there's always company, activity and support is never far away.


  A clever mooove
The Oaklands cows won't mind – they're beef,
not dairy cows, so they don't need a milking
  parlour. So it really makes sense to put the 
old, empty building to good use again, in a 
way that meets the needs of older people at
Oaklands today. 

  The plans involve a full renovation of the
interior as well as some exterior work: the
uneven farmyard surface might be suitable for 
hooves, but for people it must be levelled out and made safe, to make the building fully accessible. 

Putting the plan into action

  A plan for converting the old milking parlour 
has now been drawn up – doesn't it look
nice? We're now raising funds to help us put
  the plan into action.

  We need support to meet the costs of all that
will go into making the building sound, warm
  and fit to live in. But with the help of friends,
  we could start this summer, and make room 
for more old friends as soon as possible. 


Please give now - with help from our generous friends, we can make room for old friends.


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