Help people add creativity and happiness to their lives

People love coming to the Studio - and when you walk in, you can see why. It's a creative, supportive and safe environment, with so many different things to discover.

From pottery to painting, card and poster making, and projects involving photography and computers, the Studio offers something for everyone.

'Here, I'm happy'

  Before John joined, he didn't know he had a
  knack for making beaded jewellery, or that it
  would give him such enjoyment and 
  'I've felt out of place, because I'm different', he
  says. 'In this sort of environent, I'm  happy.
  It's fair to say I was searching for something like
  this. I love it.'


New achievements

  Through our 'liquid clay' project at the Studio,
  Kezia has found she has talent
 for making
  vases. More people could experience the
  satisfaction and 
achievement offered by this
  new way of making pottery, but the project
  already takes up almost all of the Studio
  ground floor. Yet as Kezia says, 'If we had
  more space it wouldn't be a problem, and
  more people could join in.'


People need this space

  At the studio, people who have learning 
disabilities or mental health conditions can
  feel safe to try new things and express 
themselves in ways they haven't felt confident
to do before', explains Studio manager Gaspar.
  'Some 30 people now attend sessions at the 
  Studio, every week. They don't have to be 
  residents of our community, 'we're also here 
  for people who live locally. Many more people
are waiting in hope to join in - but we've now reached our limit. That's awfully disappointing for them, and for us. We're  desperare to grow. But we've got a plan!'


Help more people find creativity and happiness

We've worked out a way to expand the Studio that would create places for eight to ten more people to join us, every session - that's around 40 more places a week. Here's our plan. 


  •  We'll knock down an old garage out the back, and extend the ground floor to create a much bigger space for pottery, drawing, painting, beadwork, card making and printing.
  •  The new space will take over our narrow alleyway of a yard, but it won't be missed, as we'll build a bright rooftop terrace above - a much nicer place for people to take a break and socialise.

People like John and Kezia have found creative opportunities, and a place they feel happy to be in, at the Studio - can we not help others to find this happiness, too? We need to raise money to expand. Please will you support our plans?

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