Excitement is growing at St Albans
Help us build a home for the heart of our community

Welcome to Camphill St Albans!

In our community, we share our lives. We come together to nurture each other’s talents and overcome our challenges. As you can see from our picture, there are quite a few of us – and we’re a close-knit bunch!

We’re hoping to rebuild a crumbling building in the back of our garden to make somewhere warm, safe and big enough for all of us to meet. Somewhere where there will always be friends. Somewhere to go if we’re having trouble. Somewhere to do the things we enjoy.

Like Joanna, who loves baking. “I can’t wait until we have a kitchen where we can all cook together,’ she says. ‘And a big table to sit down at too for ‘family’ meals.”

And Matt, who is our celebrity drummer. “It feels good making lots of noise,” he says. “When we’ve got a bigger space, I’m going to get the band back together.”

And Lou, who just can’t wait for somewhere warm and dry to meet. “I make sock monkeys and my friends do knitting,” she says. “But sewing club doesn’t have a home since the roof started leaking.”

Will you help with the final push?

We’re so grateful to everyone who has donated so far to help make this dream come true for our community. We’ve come a long way, raising £130,000 from our first appeal and included in the current total. But we still need to raise more money before building can go ahead.

Your gift will help keep our community strong for many, many years to come.

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