Keeping Camphill Special

We live in changing times. And now, in our 60th year, we need help to keep Camphill special. Funding cuts threaten the very fabric of the communities we have created together. Our 60th Anniversary Appeal aims to help safeguard aspects of Camphill life we all hold dear.

Challenging times

 • While the need for our communities remains as great as ever, we now have a substantial funding gap. It reflects the difference between what the government currently provides to each resident to cover their basic needs, and the real cost of providing communities and activities that give each person the chance to develop and fulfil their potential.

 • Many of our residents are also finding it difficult to access funding, due to tightened eligibility criteria – although their lives would in fact be bleak without the friendships and opportunities they find in our communities.

 • To maintain these opportunities for each resident across our communities, we need to bridge a funding gap that averages out to £161.55 a week for every person we support.

Looking ahead

We are striving to keep our communities special amidst the most volatile period for social care in a generation.

Like all 'social care providers', our communities are operating in an environment of rapid and radical change in the ways in which care for people with disabilities is commissioned, funded and regulated. And one key impact is that we are doing more with less.

Drastically tightened funding has been matched by greater demands – from increased procedural requirements regarding risk management, safeguarding and choice, to the need to demonstrate that all people with disabilities are supported in an individual and person-centred way.

As we go through these changing times, please stand with us, as a friend. With the help of our friends we can keep Camphill special.


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