Making Cheese with Love Pride and Purpose, but now our Creamery needs help
Making cheese with love, pride and purpose

Please help us keep working with love, pride and purpose?

The Loch Arthur Creamery is a thriving, bustling, successful and valued workshop involving a team of 15 – 20 people of all abilities.

Here, there’s a job to suit everyone. Together, we make products that are loved by customers, including delicious butter, luscious yogurts and cheeses which win prestigious awards for their quality and flavour. How wonderful that makes us feel!

But now, after twenty years of hard use, our current Creamery building and its equipment are well and truly worn out. Almost everything needs renewing.

Please enable us to keep doing the work we love. The future of our Creamery depends on help from kind friends like you.


Step inside and see

At our Creamery, the goodness of our land, good work and good food come together. Every care has been taken to develop processes and a range of products that enable people of all abilities to be involved. It’s a happy, busy place.


Lisa, Christoph, Sarah, Adam, and Bryan milling the curd 

From the cows in the milking parlour next door, the milk whooshes through the pipes to the main vat. Every variety of Loch Arthur cheese starts off here, from one simple yet versatile mixture.



Alastair, Emily, Vicky, Christoph and Adam fill the yoghurt pots

Many hands make light work. It’s a fun, sociable and mutually-supportive way to get the job done.




'Time for a tea break' 

Hats, aprons and boots come off, and steaming mugs are handed round. Everyone relaxes, chats and shares their news. Then it’s time to scrub and suit up again – the curds are ready to cut.



Peter looks after the Farmhouses

Farmhouse cheese is our most popular kind – and Peter has the diligence it takes to wipe and turn hundreds of cheeses so that each one ages perfectly.




Sarah waxes the Crannog with herbs

Knowing our products are loved and appreciated by people gives us all such a warm feeling of pride and achievement. As well as selling them at our Loch Arthur Farm Shop, we supply local restaurants and take mail orders, too.



'They call me the Rock of the Creamery' 

Michael’s dedication to the Creamery spans many years. Even though he’s getting older he still feels a deep sense of responsibility for making sure the washing up is sparkling clean.




At the Loch Arthur Farm Shop, our cheese is a firm favourite

Each one reflects the gifts that the land and people of Loch Arthur are able to offer. They’re proof that, with the right support and opportunities, every one of us can make a positive contribution.  


Why we must renew the Creamery now

‘Our building, and much of our equipment, has been in hard, constant use for twenty years’, says manager Christoph. ‘Quite simply, it’s worn out. We’ve squeezed every last ounce out of our Creamery.’ 



‘Our roof is leaking, our ventilation system is on its last gasp, and it’s taking so much work to keep our tired old equipment clean!’ Christoph




So what needs doing?

  • Top of the list comes basic repairs to the building and replacing worn-out equipment. Cheese-making (and all the cleaning that’s needed to keep everything scrupulously hygienic) is hard on surfaces and machines.
  • While we’re repairing and replacing, it really would make sense to reorganise and extend the Creamery. A few relatively modest changes would create a vastly better working environment – and make it possible for even more people to work here in the future.
  • We desperately need a new ventilation and heating system, that will help maintain cleanliness through controlling air pressure – and economically ‘recycle’ all the energy we use in cheese-making into keeping us warm in winter and cool in summer.

Renewing the Creamery is about giving everyone a future here’, says Christoph. ‘But the sums involved are far beyond our means.’ 

Any donation you’d like to give will help renew the Creamery for Vicky and everyone in our happy, dedicated team, now and into the future. We’d be so grateful for your support!


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