New Dolphin House would mean staying together
New Dolphin House would mean staying together

Our happy household in Newton Dee, Aberdeen, sadly faces separation if we can’t move to a home that’s more suitable for us. That’s one reason why our community is raising money to build New Dolphin House. It will mean we can keep sharing a home together.

A happy home is a great gift

Hello! We hope you’ll enjoy looking through our pictures and seeing who we are and the home we’ve created together.

Though our characters and interests are very different, we blend well. Each one of us makes the group gel. We share the rough and the smooth, supporting each other day by day.

But there’s a real problem. The house we live in, while very homely, is not good for older people or growing families. And we have both.

We don’t want to be torn apart!

But David needs a home with room to manoeuvre his walker and wheelchair, and near all the social and cultural activities in the village centre that he so wants to be part of.

Hanna, Jake and Arwyn are squashed together in one room. Hanna and Jake help support everyone in our household; now that they are parents we must support their need for more space too.

And Shamim, who is very fearful of strange dogs, will never feel truly comfortable where we are now, right on a public footpath that’s very popular for dog-walking.

New Dolphin House is the solution

New Dolphin House is an investment in our future – not just for us, but for our community. It’s part of a five-year plan to ‘future-proof’ Newton Dee.



What will it have?

  • Walker- and wheelchair-friendliness (including a lift) for people with physical limitations.

  • Proximity to the centre of Newton Dee as well as a peaceful view of farmland.

  • Enough living space for a group of individuals with diverse interests and friends.

  • Room for a growing family.

  • An adaptable layout to meet changing needs.

  • Only one friendly canine nearby: Floss the farm dog, who Shamim is ok with.

Please help us keep sharing a home together

Please give a gift to help cover the costs of completing New Dolphin House, and help us stay together.

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