Please help Capella House to shine again

Capella House in Newton Dee community takes its name from one of the brightest stars in the sky. But it's been nearly 50 years since it was built and time has taken its toll. Please help Capella to shine again to brighten lives.

Your gift will help make the house fit and flexible for the future, for people who will benefit from being close to the centre of the Newton Dee community and good work on the land. 

'The reason we moved out of Capella is that it needed doing up.' - Linda

In 1968, newly-built Capella House gave a group of young adults with learning disabilities a brilliant opportunity to become part of a caring, lively community.

As they moved on, new residents like Linda (right) came to take their place. 'I have been in Newton Dee for 28 years', she says 'and lived in Capella for the last four years. I've seen lots of changes.'

However, one thing that never changed was the need for Capella. The house never had a natural pause between households - until now. This is the perfect time to renew Capella in the most cost-effective way possible: in one go.


'Capella's got to be refurbished. I lived there for 33 years, so I know.' - Spencer

As we gear up to renovate the house, we are looking to use all our years of experience to ensure that Capella is flexible for the future.

Our plans will ensure the original bungalow and garage can work as a connected, eight-bedroom shared house, or as two mutually-supportive, but separate dwellings, depending on people's needs.

And Spencer is all in favour of building an enclosed staircase between the two halves: 'It's a good idea' he says. 'When I lived downstairs, you had to go outside the house to go upstairs!'


Your gift will add sparkle

Capella House is close to all the exciting social and cultural events that go on in Newton Dee. 

And there's always something happening at the nearby Phoenix Centre - from social clubs and folk dancing nights, to craft activities and concerts.

With so many opportunities for friendship, social and cultural activities on the doorstep, we know that living here will add sparkle to people's lives.


Walk round Capella House today and you'll see how badly it needs refurbishment.

  • The roof, windows and heating system all need replacing.
  • The walls need to be re-rendered.
  • The whole house needs to be insulated.
  • Repairs and structural improvements need to be made.

With your help, Capella House can shine again

It's lovely to think of all the friendships that have grown under Capella's roof, down the years. And that's the real point of investing in its future.

We'd like to thank you, as a friend, for taking the time to read about our plans. Please would you give a donation? Once all the work is done, outside and inside, a new group of people can have a bright future here. With your help, Capella house can shine again.



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