Please help us get so much more out of our store

It's going to be a big development for Botton Village

  Jane (left) and her friends are right at the heart
  of it. They're part of a group that's been meeting
sharing thoughts and ideas, to help
  shape the plan for a greatly-improved Botton
  Store. It's all about making the most of the
  Store's potential to provide life-enhancing
  opportunities for people in Botton, whilst
  extending a warm welcome to visitors and
  enabling them to enjoy and buy our products.


With your help, all this can be in store

  •   Easy access for all
  •   A sociable, bright and beautiful café area for everyone
  •   Space to sell all the lovely and delicious things we produce
  •   New work and training opportunities
  •   An attractive destination for visitors, friends and families
  •   A big first step towards transforming our village center for the future.


Help us welcome more people

  David is one of the core team of people who
  make our current Store run smoothly. But
  the Store is often a quiet place to work; 
  usually there's only the village residents 
  and staff to look after. 


  • Your gift could help add on a bright, attractive and family-friendly café section at the front of the Store, with a small kitchen and serving area, and an inviting terrace space for tables and seating.


Help us share more

  There are so many people like Owen in Botton
who are rightly proud of the beautiful things
  they make, and the pleasure these products
give to others. Selling more of them could
make such a positive contribution towards
supporting our community.



  • Your gift could help change round the shop’s internal layout, install some additional shelving and display space for our crafts, and provide refrigeration for all the fresh food items.


Help us offer more

  Being involved in running a Store carries 
a certain amount of responsbility.
Fiona is responsibile for putting prices
  on items, which takes attention to detail. 
  Expanding the Store, could offer new 
  chances to work and learn which others 
  at Botton would relish too.


  • Having a new café area, more products and more going on right across the Store, would bring new work and learning opportunities – in catering and customer service, for example.


Help make our store more accessible

  Pat has lived in Botton for 27 years. 
Her frailty makes it hard for her to 
walk far, and she struggles to open the
  heavy Store doors. Making the Store
  more accessible for our seniot residents
  - as well as visitors who use walkers or 
  wheelchairs - is not a necessity.



  • Your gift could help install a new entrance with an automatic door and provide the Store with a vital amenity: an accesible loo.


Help make Botton Store a place for everyone

Please help us add to the diversity and richness of life in the village, and enhance our connection with our wider community – by helping us bring wonderful products, refreshments and new, purposeful work under one roof.

Thank you for any gift you would like to give!

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