A Smile is the Warmest of Welcomes...

A smile is the warmest of welcomes

Our communities have always been places of welcome. A place to share a friendly smile, catch up over a cup of tea. A place where people can feel at home, be themselves and share their talents for the benefit of all.

To ensure we can continue to welcome old faces and new, we need to make some much needed changes which will make a big difference. Let us share some of our ambitions with you and show you, with investment, how we can keep making everyone feel welcome!


A place to learn new skills

Ask anyone at Taurus Crafts what they’d like to learn, and they’ll probably mention cooking. It’s a key part of helping in the café, but also means that people can become more independent in their daily lives.

With your help we’re hoping to convert an empty room next to the café into a cookery school, where people can learn the skills they need.

Harriet, Billie and Susie enjoyed a taster session to see what the new school would be like. Susie shared her goal with us ‘I’d like to learn how to cook chicken’ she says ‘I’d like to be better with weighing and measuring ingredients, and getting timings right.’


Welcoming more new people

With felting, knitting and embroidery, glasswork, ceramics and even furniture upcycling there’s so much to get involved in at the Larchfield Craft Workshop. Stephen, who attends the workshops says, ‘It’s got a really good friendly atmosphere here.’

The only problem is, with 53 people attending the craft sessions across the week, we’re fully booked! And with few other activities available locally for adults with learning disabilities, the workshops are a popular place! Sadly, we simply do not have any more space.

But you can help us – we want to expand our workshop making activities easier; people will have more space to work and move around safely. We’ll also have enough room to welcome an extra nine people to attend every day!


With the right tools for the job

Behind the scenes at Larchfield Cafe, the busy team are preparing meals for the café, and baked goods for the shop just next door.

Jeanne, who has worked there for 20 years, says ‘Sometimes I do the baking and prepare vegetables, and sometimes I do the washing up. Val and Ruby are very helpful, and I like chatting with them. But it would be great if we could have a new oven because ours is very old.’

The bakery oven certainly doesn’t make life easy. It’s been in daily use for 14 years and is wearing out.

Would you be able to help us buy a new bakery oven? An unreliable oven makes it difficult for new and inexperienced bakers to learn and gain confidence. A new user-friendly oven, with easy to reach shelves, and a working timer, will make it easier for beginners to take part in every step of the baking process.


A warm welcome – yesterday, today and tomorrow

Please, will you help? By helping us make these much-needed improvements, your gift will support people to lead independent lives and achieve their hopes and ambitions, and we can continue to provide the warmest of welcomes for many years to come.

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