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Maggie, Anthony, Alex, Nick, Val and Peter live at Ashfield House, a unique household that's part of the Berith and Camphill Partnership community in Stourbridge. 

It's a home where adults who have complex needs can live their lives to the fullest extent possible. 

Days at Ashfield House are busy - full of independent activites balanced with stable routines. But each day also brings times that can be enormously challenging. 


'Building in a second lounge would transform our evenings'

Step into the lounge at Ashfield House and the first thing you'll notice is its size – too small for the large group of individuals who live and work here. That's a problem in itself.

For Val, the noise levels here when everyone is home at the end of the day can be truly unbearable, causing her great distress. Noise affects Val terribly.

'If we had a second, quiet lounge, we'd have extra room to be together', says Angela. 'Val and others who find it hard to be in a noisy environment would have a calm social space. It would transform our evenings.'

With help from friends we can move a downstairs bedroom upstairs, and convert the space into a sociable yet quiet lounge.


'Putting in a bath would help soothe away stress' 

Alex's life has changed dramatically since coming to Ashfield. The understanding, consistent care she's experienced here, thanks to Tina and others in the dedicated staff team, has improved her very challenging behaviour.

But there is one thing that we can't offer Alex that would help her so much: a bath, when she is tired, and her mood and behaviour are most likely to cause problems for her and others. 

'Water has an almost magical way of calming Alex', Tina explains. 'Installing a bathroom would ensure we're able to meet the needs of future residents too. By helping people to feel relaxed and calm, it would help soothe away stress.'

A en-suite shower room can be cleverly relocated and the space turned into a bathroom – providing a therapeutic amenity at Ashfield for years to come.


'Extending the house would mean we could support more people' 

The quality of support we offer at Ashfield House means our service is in demand. Anthony, for example, has had such devoted support that he's become more independently mobile. He now only uses his wheelchair when he's going out for the day.

'Because of the way we've been able to help Anthony have a better quality of life, it's easy to see why many other people are waiting and hoping for an opportunity to join the household', says manager Sharon. 

We could welcome two more people with complex needs for support to make their home at Ashfield House, by converting the garage into an extension. 


Your friendship will help us succeed 

Over the last four years, thanks to the nurturing ethos and the focus on supporting each person in the way that's right for them, the residents at Ashfield House have been able to develop and grow.

Please help support Maggie, Anthony, Alex, Nick, Val, Peter and others with complex and challenging needs, now and in the future, by donating to this project. We'll be very grateful for any gift you'd like to give! 




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